One of the vision of our founder Che. Sir. Shri. VidyaRatna Dr. N. Balan Nair is to teach value based education which will mould the behaviour and character of the upcoming generation. Nairs Vidhya Mandhir came into action to deliver high standard education in CBSE Curriculum. The effort and sweat laid down by our founder to make his vision real was huge.
Nairs Vidhya Mandhir is a witness to all his hard work. Right from beginning our founder was much interested in creating an institutions which will promote high standard of effective education for students at all stages of schooling through Pre-School. He works keenly to bring up a Senior Secondary School in future which will educate people from Pre KG to X standard.Broad Minded founder wants every institutes to groom the future leaders of the country

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To develop a quality perspective adopting corporate practices among the student community. Creation of a continuum of quality education and training through the establishment of innovative learning technologies and strategies with an industrial impact.

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Delivering employable human resources is the key challenge that education is facing globally. Be it, institutions of higher learning, under-graduation or the skills trading, Industry-readiness of the student is what will determine the competitiveness the student and the institution.

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"Nirvaga Rathna" Dr.B.Vijayakumari M.A.,Ph.D.,
Mix a healthy dose of charisma, sharpness, quick thinking and a lot of grit and you have the ingredients that describe BALAN NAIR. As the Founder Director of Nairs Educational Institutions, BALAN NAIR is responsible for NAIRS CE growth by playing a key role in both leadership and management of the Institutions.
BALAN NAIR is a successful entrepreneur who has built much of his success on an almost prescient ability to stay ahead of industry trends. It is this business acumen that led to the growth of Educational services at NAIRS CE. Tenacious, passionate and determined, BALAN NAIR helped the Institution quickly achieve a high level of prominence in a very competitive business environment.

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